Release Notes

NixOS 22.05

  • Make NixOS Mailserver options discoverable from

  • Add a roundcube setup guide in the documentation

NixOS 21.11

  • Switch default DKIM body policy from simple to relaxed (merge request)

  • Ensure locally-delivered mails have the X-Original-To header (merge request)

  • NixOS Mailserver options are detailed in the documentation

  • New options dkimBodyCanonicalization and dkimHeaderCanonicalization

  • New option certificateDomains to generate certificate for additional domains (such as

NixOS 21.05

  • New fullTextSearch option to search in messages (based on Xapian) (Merge Request)

  • Flake support (Merge Request)

  • New openFirewall option defaulting to true

  • We moved from Freenode to Libera Chat

NixOS 20.09

  • IMAP and Submission with TLS wrapped-mode are now enabled by default on ports 993 and 465 respectively

  • OpenDKIM is now sandboxed with Systemd

  • New forwards option to forwards emails to external addresses (Merge Request)

  • New sendingFqdn option to specify the fqdn of the machine sending email (Merge Request)

  • Move the Gitlab wiki to ReadTheDocs