Backup Guide

First off you should have a backup of your configuration.nix file where you have the server config (but that is already in a git repository right?)

Next you need to backup /var/vmail or whatever you have specified for the option mailDirectory. This is where all the mails reside. Good options are a cron job with rsync or scp. But really anything works, as it is simply a folder with plenty of files in it. If your backup solution does not preserve the owner of the files don’t forget to chown them to virtualMail:virtualMail if you copy them back (or whatever you specified as vmailUserName, and vmailGoupName).

Finally you can (optionally) make a backup of /var/dkim (or whatever you specified as dkimKeyDirectory). If you should lose those don’t worry, new ones will be created on the fly. But you will need to repeat step B)5 and correct all the dkim keys.